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This serene home is the perfect example for Mrs. @simisreedharan, Architect and Partner of Common Ground Architecture’s extraordinary talent. Common Ground Architecture is an experienced and passionate Architectural firm specialising in high quality residential architecture. They specialises in creating unique and beautiful houses.
A quality source of light makes a space glow and lends a sense of serenity difficult to achieve in its absence. This beautiful and calming house has a charming living room with a well-modulated and diffused sunlight. Common Grounds have added some elements of surprise; spaces that are a little more offbeat than the rest of the home, but still elegant in their own way, like the small passage that overlooks the serene swimming pool.
The whole space is equally enchanting, with a wild, lush outdoor, and a swimming pool. When it came to decorating this house, Instyle Creation had no shortage of visual interest throughout the space. Team Instyle decorated the bedrooms with a sleek and simple look which makes for a calming set-up. The living room is complemented by rug that matches the other elements of the space. Window treatments, the curtains and blinds, in complementary colours add balance to the entire space.
Instyle Creations is glad to decorate this beautiful home, without losing the architectural essence Common Grounds created

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